April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day
FTAA invites you to celebrate the 103rd anniversary of our Grand National Assembly of Turkiye together at Tradewinds Park.
Please join us on Sunday, April 23, at 12 pm to honor this important day and socialize with our community.
To become a Sponsor or Vendor, contact Canan Ozaktay (954) 913-8127 or Seda Turhan (954) 348-1557
23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı
FTAA olarak sizleri TBMM’nin açılışının 103.yıldönümünü hepbirlikte kutlamak için Tradewinds Park’a davet ediyoruz.
23 Nisan saat 12’de bu özel günü kutlamak ve Türk Amerikan toplumuyla sosyalleşmek için bize katılın.
Sponsor veya Vendor olmak için, iletişim bilgileri Canan Ozaktay (954) 913-8127 or Seda Turhan (954) 348-1557
2 thoughts on “April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day”
  1. Selam Canan and Seda!
    I was very moved to do something to help those hurt by the earthquake. I created a design and made four tee shirts (childrens medium, mens adult medium, large, and extra large) that I would like to donate to you to auction off and use the proceeds for earthquake relief. I can just bring them to you on Saturday, and you can use them as you like. The design is a circle of pink tulips, and inside it says: Merhaba Turkiye, Ne mutlu Türküm diyene!

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