Minutes of the FTAA Board Meeting
Monday, Oct 28th, 2013 – 7:30pm Turkish Center

Present Board Members:
Seda Aktas
Neslihan Aydemir
Zeynep Aytekin
Violette Miovski
Berk Ocal
Yurdun Orkan
Fuat Ornarli
Mehmet Turegun
Vural Uluer
Serap Odabas Yigit

 Previous Meeting Notes
 Festival Update
 Treasurer Post
 New Year’s Ball
 Next Meeting Date Dec 23, 2013
 Strategy Meeting Dec 30, 2013?
ZA: Gave update on the last details of the Festival. We will need a group of volunteers with tools.
FO: Informed us about the volunteers Ibrahim Guldiken, Mustafa Cankat and Yavuz Bey for the Festival.
SY: Informed us that she would like someone else to assume her responsibilities.
Group: Wished her to stay. Discussed how can we make it easier on her.
SY: Decided to continue while working with Atilla Orkan.
NA: Advised that we have one person responsible for the New Year’s Ball. Group agreed. The price of
the tickets were discussed. It was agreed to be set at 75$, and 85$at the door. We will need to ask for
checks ahead of time.
Group: It was discussed that there should be a monthly Turkish Nights for young people.


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