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Dear fellow FTAA members,

FTAA 2019 elections are coming up, and we are looking for individuals to be part of a great volunteer team!
The Nominating and Election Committee is requesting nominations for members to serve on the FTAA  2019 – 2020 Board of Directors. Members may nominate themselves or any other member in good standing. Any member, including the past presidents of FTAA, who paid their 2018, 2019 or 2020 membership dues can be nominated. This is a great opportunity to participate in the decision-making process of FTAA at the Board level as an active member, to connect with others who share your passion, and contribute your skills and expertise to support and strengthen your local Turkish-American Community. Members who have previously contributed both time and resources to the FTAA will be strongly considered. There are 8 board seats available at the upcoming election. There are also 3 Member Audit seats, and 3 Ethics Council seats available. In addition to these seats, there will be need for substitutes, in case a permanent member will not be able to continue to perform their duties. These substitute positions are: 3 seats for the Board of Directors, 2 seats for the Ethics Council, and 2 seats for the Audit Committee.


Duties and responsibilities of the Board members in FTAA:
       -Attend regular meetings (see Article 3.3 of the FTAA Bylaws)
       -Work on major organizational decisions including planning for programs and related expenditures.
     – Become involved in some facet of raising funds for the organization by spreading the word about FTAA, to help it grow and flourish. This includes public relations and coordinating ongoing relations with Broward County Cultural Division.
     – Serve on at least one committee. Most of the board’s work is done in committees. These may include financial, organizational committees who are responsible with coordinating events such as festivals, national holiday celebrations and dinners, as well as activities of clubs (Chorus, Ataturk School, Book Club, Poetry Club, Art Club, Folk Dance Club, etc.)
     – Be committed to attending the organization’s most important events, especially fundraisers.  
     – Oversee the documentation of agendas and minutes. The secretary has the main responsibility for preparing minutes and the agendas, but it is the entire board’s responsibility to make sure they are reported accurately.


In these capacities, FTAA needs nominees who can donate their time handling a variety of duties, and who are skilled in a wide range of areas; from good public relations to handling the secretarial duties, financial duties, good computer skills (FTAA’s Web page, Quick Books…) and willing to lend a hand to keep the heart of the Turkish American Community in Southeast Florida, the “Turkevi” operate successfully.


Each nominee will need to provide names of two good standing FTAA members as references. The nominee who gets the most votes at the election will be designated as the President of the Board of Directors. And if that person will not accept the position, the Board will hold a vote at the first Board of directors meeting to choose another Board member for the position of the president.
Please refer to FTAA Bylaws on our Web page, for more detailed information on how FTAA operates as a non-profit organization.


We encourage all interested individuals to apply by submitting a nomination application (link below), and e-mail to :  (please use this email only, DO NOT send to any other person)


The Form to be used: Click Here for NOMINATION FORM


The Nominating and Election Committee, listed below, will accept nominations up until December 31st.
The election will be held on February 24, 2019 during FTAA’s Annual Meeting
The Nominating and Election Committee:  
Mustafa Cankat
Ilknur Boray
Evren Kilinc


Member in Good Standing:



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