Zafer Bayramı

Sevgili Güney  Floridalı Türk Toplumu,

30 Ağustos Zafer bayramımızı hep birlikte kutlamak için sizleri ve çocuklarımızı 30 Ağustos Çarşamba günü saat 7:00 pm’ de Türk Evimize bekliyoruz.


Ramazan Bayramı


Degerli Guney Florida Turk toplumu,

Bayraminiz kutlu ve mutlu olsun…

Sizleri 25 Haziran 2017 Pazar gunu ogleden sonra Turk evimizde bayramlasmaya bekliyoruz.

Cocuklarimiza Bayramin anlamini hep birlikte yasatalim,buyuklerimizin ellerini opelim.

Cay partimiz olacaktir.

FTAA Yonetim Kurulu

Yer:TURK EVI  3020 NE 32nd. Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33308 

Saat: 2:00-:5:00pm


Children Day Celebration

IMPORTANT: Due to the weather condition, the outdoor event in the TY Park is changed to indoor event in Turkish Center


Lets celebrate Internationally recognized Children Day

Activities for children; Bring your children…


APRIL 23, 2017 Sunday 2:00 pm




International Celebration and Dance


The German American Society Presents:

International Celebration and Dance


6401 Washington Str. Hollywood FL

Tel: (954) 322-6227

Menu: German Dinner served from 6:30~8:00 pm

Cost: $10.00

APRIL 22, 2017 Saturday

Info: Leona Bailey (954) 249-2209

FTAA will participate as Turkish stand


Children Day Proclamation

Dear Members and Friends of the Turkish American Community,

Wednesday marked the seventh issue of a proclamation announcing April 23rd as the Children’s Day in Greater Fort Lauderdale by Fort Lauderdale Mayor Mr. John P. “Jack” Seiler. The Proclamation was accepted by the President of Florida Turkish American Association, Aysegul Colak, at the City Commission meeting at Fort Lauderdale City Hall. Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Miami, Mr. Ozgur Kivanc Altan and Marianne Winfield, Executive Director of Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International, delivered speeches recognizing the significance of the Children’s Day.

This event also included a visit by the winners of the Annual 5th grade Children’s Essay Contest for the topic “If I were Mayor”, at the Mayor’s office and the City Commission meeting. After leading the Pledge of Allegiance and receiving their prizes, winners were invited to run the Commission Session for a while, creating memorable moments for the children, their teachers and family.

This program and the Annual Essay Contest have been organized through the cooperation of Florida Turkish American Association (FTAA), Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International (GFLSCI) and Fort Lauderdale Office of the Mayor & City Commission.

Florida Turkish American Association


New FTAA Board members

FTAA election was completed yesterday, and the following nominees were elected for two years ahead.

  1. Aysegul Colak
  2. Meral Ornarli
  3. Zeynep Uluer Aytekin
  4. Muge Nurgun
  5. Aydan Hay
  6. Tuna Güvenel
  7. Levent Durgun
  8. Aynur Heller

Non-elected member: Serap Odabas-Yigit (former president)

Mali Denetleme Komisyonu: Fuat Ornarlı,Atilla Orkan, Dr. Mustafa Güvendi

Etik Komite: Dr. Vural Uluer, Dr. Nazmi Cora, Ilknur Boray

Good lock to all of the new board of directors.

Kaya Boztepe ile Sohbet

Sayin FTAA uyeleri,

25 Ocak Carsamba aksami yemegimizde ayrica ozel bir misafirimiz konusmaci olarak aramiza katilacaktir

Ataturk Society Of America
“Dünya’yı ve Türkiye’yi daha iyi anlamak için Atatürk’ü anlamak gerekir”
konulu konusmasini dinlemek icin hepinizi bu ozel geceye bekliyoruz.
25 Ocak 2017- Carsamba 7:00 P.M.
Atatürk’ü, Türkiye’nin dünü, bugünü ve yarınlarını kah gülümseyerek, kah göz yaşlarınızı tutmaya çalışarak dinleyeceğiniz, keyif alıp, unutamayacağınız bir konferans olacağını umuyoruz.
Kaya Boztepe Kimdir?
Kaya Boztepe of Atatürk Society of America is the Chief Operating Officer of Planet Green NY and Representative of the TED Istanbul Foundation in the USA.
Born in Chicago, IL, Kaya Boztepe lived overseas in Europe and Istanbul in his early childhood but considers himself a true New Yorker where he lived the most.
A seasoned business executive, Boztepe established and managed hub and satellite offices in the United States, Europe, Near, Mid and Far East for Fortune 500 Companies, forged key alliances with manufacturers and penetrated markets despite formidable economic and political circumstances.

Founder of the Turkish American Radio and TV and the Turkish American Youth Association, Boztepe was also the President of the Federation of Turkish American Associations in New York, an umbrella organization of Turkish Americans in the United States. Exceptionally respectful and appreciative of diverse cultures and viewpoints, Boztepe worked extensively outlining strategic solutions to certain issues with both the Turkish and American Government officials including the President and the Parliament. 
He takes pride working on special programs helping youth and children’s welfare and educational scholarship programs.

FTAA Election

Dear FTAA member,

Once again, it is your chance to select the dedicated team of volunteers who will serve on the Board of Directors of FTAA. Election of the new FTAA Board for two-year term will be held at the Florida Turkish Center on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2016 betweeen 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Only good standing members (who paid his/her dues for 2016/2017 and 2018) may cast his/her vote. Every family should be able to use TWO ballots only.
You may check your membership status at this link
Enclosed please find a ballot along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Votes can be mailed back to FTAA directly with or without proxy form. Your ballot must be returned by 2/25/2017
2:00 pm Opening Speech / Açılış Konuşması (Serap Odabaş-Yiğit, FTAA bşk)
2:10 pm
Election of Assembly Committee / Divan kurulu seçimi
2:15 pm
Chorum call / Çoğunluk tesbiti
2:30 pm
FTAA Activity Report / FTAA aktivite Raporu
2:40 pm
FTAA Financial Report / FTAA Mali Rapor
3:00 pm
Break / Ara
3:30 pm Nominates / Adayların tanıtımı
4:00 pm Election / Seçim
4:30 pm Election Results / Seçim Sonuçları
4:45 pm Requests and Suggestions / Dilek ve Öneriler
5:30 pm Closing / Kapanış
Thank you for taking the time to vote.
Best regards,
Dr. Ziya Çelik
FTAA Election Committee Chair

Nominees for the New Board (2017-2018)

Board of Directors (Alphabetic Order)         
Akyildiz, Sercan
Colak, Aysegul
Durgun, Levent  
Ersin, Julide
Guvenel, Tuna
Hay, Aydan
Heller, Aynur 
Keklikci, Kaya
Nurgun, Muge
Ornarli, Meral
Uluer, Zeynep Aytekin
Unsal, Caner  
Audit Committe
Guvendi, Dr.Mustafa
Orkan, Atilla
Ornarli, Fuat
Ethics Committee
Boray, Ilknur 
Cora, Nazmi 
Uluer, Dr.Vural 

FTAA General Election-Request for Nominations


Dear fellow FTAA members,

FTAA 2019 elections are coming up, and we are looking for individuals to be part of a great volunteer team!
The Nominating and Election Committee is requesting nominations for members to serve on the FTAA  2019 – 2020 Board of Directors. Members may nominate themselves or any other member in good standing. Any member, including the past presidents of FTAA, who paid their 2018, 2019 or 2020 membership dues can be nominated. This is a great opportunity to participate in the decision-making process of FTAA at the Board level as an active member, to connect with others who share your passion, and contribute your skills and expertise to support and strengthen your local Turkish-American Community. Members who have previously contributed both time and resources to the FTAA will be strongly considered. There are 8 board seats available at the upcoming election. There are also 3 Member Audit seats, and 3 Ethics Council seats available. In addition to these seats, there will be need for substitutes, in case a permanent member will not be able to continue to perform their duties. These substitute positions are: 3 seats for the Board of Directors, 2 seats for the Ethics Council, and 2 seats for the Audit Committee.


Duties and responsibilities of the Board members in FTAA:
       -Attend regular meetings (see Article 3.3 of the FTAA Bylaws)
       -Work on major organizational decisions including planning for programs and related expenditures.
     – Become involved in some facet of raising funds for the organization by spreading the word about FTAA, to help it grow and flourish. This includes public relations and coordinating ongoing relations with Broward County Cultural Division.
     – Serve on at least one committee. Most of the board’s work is done in committees. These may include financial, organizational committees who are responsible with coordinating events such as festivals, national holiday celebrations and dinners, as well as activities of clubs (Chorus, Ataturk School, Book Club, Poetry Club, Art Club, Folk Dance Club, etc.)
     – Be committed to attending the organization’s most important events, especially fundraisers.  
     – Oversee the documentation of agendas and minutes. The secretary has the main responsibility for preparing minutes and the agendas, but it is the entire board’s responsibility to make sure they are reported accurately.


In these capacities, FTAA needs nominees who can donate their time handling a variety of duties, and who are skilled in a wide range of areas; from good public relations to handling the secretarial duties, financial duties, good computer skills (FTAA’s Web page, Quick Books…) and willing to lend a hand to keep the heart of the Turkish American Community in Southeast Florida, the “Turkevi” operate successfully.


Each nominee will need to provide names of two good standing FTAA members as references. The nominee who gets the most votes at the election will be designated as the President of the Board of Directors. And if that person will not accept the position, the Board will hold a vote at the first Board of directors meeting to choose another Board member for the position of the president.
Please refer to FTAA Bylaws on our Web page, for more detailed information on how FTAA operates as a non-profit organization.


We encourage all interested individuals to apply by submitting a nomination application (link below), and e-mail to :  (please use this email only, DO NOT send to any other person)


The Form to be used: Click Here for NOMINATION FORM


The Nominating and Election Committee, listed below, will accept nominations up until December 31st.
The election will be held on February 24, 2019 during FTAA’s Annual Meeting
The Nominating and Election Committee:  
Mustafa Cankat
Ilknur Boray
Evren Kilinc


Member in Good Standing:
3020 NE 32nd Ave #123
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308