Mon. May 27th, 2024


We will listen to Expert Psychologist, Family therapist Sehnaz Canigur Marlowe on Psychological Well-being. Dear Sehnaz says:
“On the road, You are both the guide and the passenger.”
During her speech, she will talk about what psychological health is, the parameters of psychological health, psychological resilience, happiness, steps to cope with stress, and strategies to prevent anxiety disorder. At the end of her presentation, she will answer your questions.
Our “Wednesday Dinners,” which we have been taking a break from for a long time, is also starting. This time we made a change, and we will be with you on Friday. We would like to thank Mr.Mustafa Cankat for sponsoring the first dinner this year.
We are waiting for you both to listen to Dear Şehnaz Canigur Marlowe and to have dinner on Friday, January 20, at 7 pm.
For reservation;
Aysegul Colak
For payment (Zelle)
Event fee (dinner included) Member $25, non-member $30
Uzman Psikolog, Aile terapisti Sehnaz Canigur Marlowe’dan
Psikolojik Iyilik konusunu dinleyeceğiz. Sevgili Şehnaz diyor ki;
“Yolda; rehber de sensin, yolcu da”
Konuşması sırasında psikolojik sağlık nedir, psikolojik sağlığın parametreleri, psikolojik sağlamlık, mutluluk, stresle başa çıkma adımları, kaygı bozukluğundan korunma stratejilerinden bahsedecek. Sunumunun sonunda da sizlerin sorularını yanıtlayacak.