Fuat Ornarlı

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Fuat Ornarli (PE) is a professional engineer, licensed in Florida and also works as general contractor. He migrated to Florida 22 years ago. After several terms serving in FTAA as correspondence secretary, treasurer, vice president, Fuat Ornarli was elected as president on 2011. He is also president of Turkish American Chamber of Commerce. He arranged two festivals, namely at Hollywood and at Civic Center of Pompano Beach. Picnic type events were also actualized for April 23 Sovereignty and Children Day at every year. In his term, he brought several revolutionary changes to the association, such as using membership cards, charge cards, FTAA websites, FTAA Festival and Yahoo groups. He and his board directors worked in accord to bring the association to a certain level of recognition. Good relations were established with Azerian groups, Macedonian group, city of Fort Lauderdale and sister cities management. In his term; several artists, authors, MP’s, seminar lecturer were invited to the center and let the Turkish American community meet with each other. All national days were realized and shown faith to the founding Father of modern Turks, Ataturk. Volunteer Appreciation Days were introduced first time and became a traditional event each year ever after. FTAA Clubs were established such as Book Club, Poetry Club, History Club etc., Cinema Club, Opera Club.
The By-Laws committee was established and decided a series of new rules to submit to the General Assembly.
Fuat Ornarli is the president of Turkish American Chamber of Commerce, and Vice president of ATAA. South East Region.
Last but least, Fuat Ornarli volunteered the design/build work of the Turkish Center, which took complete one year. He acted as Audit committee member last two terms, and willing to do same duty for 2019-2020 term.
3020 NE 32nd Ave #123
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308