General Assembly

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Dear FTAA members,

Once again, it is time for the general assembly, to discuss the FTAA events, financial status, and new suggestions.

February 23, 2019, between 2:00 pm-5:00 pm. Please note that only good standing members may attend. You may check your membership status. Please inform us if you have any objections prior to the meeting.


2:00 pm : Opening speech/ Açılış konusması (Mehmet Akcay, FTAA başkanı)

2:10 pm : Election of Assembly Committee/Divan Kurulu secimi

2:15 pm : Quorum call/Çoğunluk tespiti

2:30 pm : FTAA Activity Report/ FTAA Aktivite Raporu

2:40 pm : FTAA Financial Report/ FTAA Mali Raporu

3:00 pm : Break/Ara

3:45 pm : Requests, and suggestions/ Dilek ve oneriler

5:00 pm : Closing/Kapanis

* Florida Turk Evi/Florida Turkish Center

3020 NE 32nd Ave. Suite 123, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 

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