The following members are new candidates of the coming term (2022-2024)

(Alphabetically sorted)
1-Alp Orkan
2-Cemil Akbaş
3-Egemen Toprak
4-Kutay Çakmak
5-Mahir Yuzereroğlu
6-Sinem Sırma
7-Sinan Saip Bel
8-Ayşegül Çolak
9-Current president Mehmet Akçay is the natural YK members for this term
Audit Committee;
Fuat Ornarli
Attila Orkan
Ethic Council;
Bengi Durgun
Feray Akçay
Backup member(s):
Meral Ornarlı
Pervane Yuzereroglu
Visit the Candidate’s Resumes by clicking HERE


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