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Due to the fact that it is quite impossible to organize FTAA General Assembly and Election this year. If you all agree to suggest the Board of Directors to run the Association for another year, it will be appreciated

Fuat Ornarli

On behalf of FTAA Election Committee

PLEASE WRITE YOUR PREFERENCE IN REPLY BOX BELOW as AGREE or DISAGREE (If disagree, we would like to hear your opinion on how to manage the election)


26 thoughts on “FTAA Election Poll”
  1. It is better to postpone. The financial report may be presented in a ZOOM meeting (online)

  2. I agree. FTAA yönetim kurulu üyesi olarak görevlerine 1 yıl daha gönüllü devam edecek arkadaşlarımıza çok teşekkür ederim. Müteşekkiriz.

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