Meral Ornarlı
 I graduated Social Science of Sociology-Social Work from Hacettepe University ( 1976). I had the teacher Certificate of sociology and Philosophy, MS Institute of population and statistic Hacettepe University 1977-1978. I Worked the ministry of health and the ministry of Tourism and the Institute of populatin and statistic in Ankara till to 1983. Volunteered International Woman’s Club-Turkey chair-In Riyadh(1983- 1988) I have migrated to Florida 22 years ago. After several terms serving in FTAA as the vice president, and board member, I served to the Turkish community for almost 10 years, regardless whether I was in the board of directors or not. I am president of FTAA Poetry Club, and responsible for the library of the Turkish Center. I was also volunteer teacher of FTAA Ataturk school. I believe in Turkish culture and democratic values… I am now willing to act as Ethic Committee member for 2022-2024 term, if elected. Married and have two sons…. 


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