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Dear fellow FTAA members,
FTAA 2017 elections are coming up, and we are looking for individuals to be part of a great volunteer team!
The Nominating Committee is requesting nominations for members to serve on the FTAA  2017 – 2018 Board of Directors. Members may nominate themselves or any other member in good standing. Any member, including the past presidents of FTAA, who paid their 2016, 2017 or 2018 membership dues can be nominated. This is a great opportunity to participate with FTAA at the Board level as an active member, to connect with others who share your passion, and contribute your skills and expertise to support and strengthen your local Turkish-American Community. Board members are required to attend regular meetings, chair committees, attend or assist at planning sessions and events, and work on fundraising initiatives. Members who have previously contributed both time and resources to the FTAA will be strongly considered. There are 8 board seats available at the upcoming election. There are also 3 Member Audit seats, and 3 Ethic Committee seats available.
We encourage all interested individuals to apply by submitting a nomination application (link below), and e-mail to (please use this email only, DO NOT send to any other person)
The Nominating Committee, listed below, will accept nominations up until December 31st.

The election will be held on February 26, 2017 during FTAA’s Annual Meeting

The Nominating Committee:  
Dr. Ziya Celik
Mustafa Cankat
Ilknur Boray 
The Form to be used: 
BY-LAWS Election Clauses
4.4 Duties of the Nominating and Election Committee
a. Notify the members in good standing of the upcoming election of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee members and Ethics Council members by mail or other means date by December 31, prior to the election year, about the election date, set by the existing Board of Directors. The notification shall include a blank nomination form for the Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Ethics Council nominees. Also, notify the chairperson of the Election Committee no later than January 15 of the election year.
b. Review and provide list of nominees to the Board by January 15 of the election year. The nominees shall be members in good standing and have accepted the nomination.
c. Election notice shall be mailed no later than January 31. Election will be held in the month of February.
d. Prepare the necessary documents related to the election e. On the day of the election:
1. Check the list of the active members and picture identification before the election.
2. Accepting nomination from the floor is not applicable.
3. Provide blank ballots to the members who are present.
4. Collect completed ballots from each member present.
5. Count votes.
6. Provide vote count to the chairperson of the meeting.
4.5 Voting:
Each member is entitled to cast one vote. Those who are registered as family members are entitled to one vote for each spouse. Both spouses must be present to cast their own individual votes. Any member who is registered as individual member shall only cast one vote for him or herself. Proxy voting, or voting by mail is allowed. There shall be no absentee voting allowed.
a. Eligibility to Vote: Subject to the provision of the Florida Non-Profit Public Benefit corporation law, members entitled to vote at any meeting of members shall be Active Members in good standing as of the record date determined by the following sections of the Bylaws referring to the record date for determining notice and members of record.
b. Manners of Casting Votes: Voting may be by show hands or ballot, except that any election of the Board of Directors must be by ballot.


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